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My citrus trees are 6 yrs old & not producing any fruit/flowers

17 years ago


I will first tell you what we have done. We,in a 10 gallon bucket just started putting seeds in right off the cutting board. (orange, lemon, lime, and grape fruit). Over the first 3 years we watched as they grew to over 4 foot high all in the same pot. On the 3rd year one of them produced a small white flower. It had a beautiful fragrance the filled our entire house. (oh yes, each year we took them out side in the summer and inside from late fall thru early spring. We have separated and transplanted them every other year. As many green houses have suggested. We tried fertilizer stakes for citrus, miracle grow, and time release capsules. Our trees are now between 4-7ft tall, but are yet to pruduce any fruit or flowers?

As we have come to realize that each fall when we spray for afids and spidermites, the inceticide only lasts until about march April and when we are ready to take them outside in the spring, they spend most of the spring regrowing back all thier leaves.

Outside of spraying pesticide in the fall and then again about feb march before the old batch wears off; so that our trees do not have to replenish themselves, how do I get them to bloom and bare fruit? ... Or at least flower so we can enjoy the fragrance...perferably fruit.

We have invested a lot of money and time into our 6 trees and we are about at our witz end... but we do not want to throw in the towell. Thanks you

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