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collection of citrus trees and panic attacks

9 years ago

i had some citrus trees years ago and they died. i just discoverd them again and bought some from four winds and duante.
waiting for one from brighter bloom.
i repottet them all in plastic pots but have my doubts if that was the right choice until i read her that clay post might be better because they breath and let air to the roots?
i used a special mix from a nursery (bordine ) here in michigan that stated helps prevent water logging.
after potting (may 31) i watered them really good. the pots still feel a bit heavy and soil is moist to the touch. since we had temps arund 50 at night i brought them in the breeze way to prevent them getting chilly. yesterday i noticed some rolled leaves that can not be from being too dry? they had a lot of sun and so i moved them all in light shade under the tree.
i sooo would like to make it all right. this forum helps but sometimes get a bit mixed messages, i think because most citrus growers are from the south.
next problem ( or before it can become one) one of my santa teresa feminello tree has discoloration on the leafs. i did not put any fertilizer in the soil as planting instruction said to wait at least 2 weeks after potting. i would like to stay organic and bought an organic citrus fertilizer. because of the color of the leaves i was thinking if i should youse the foliage growth fertilizer? or should i wait with fertilization until 2 weeks past?

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