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old big cactus leaning in pot & turning brown

13 years ago


I received a cactus from a good neighbor of mine about eight years ago before they moved. The Cactus must be about 35-40 years old and is about 6 feet tall. I love the cactus, but have no idea what type it is. Also, within the past year it started to get a brown coloration and was leaning. We thought it was too big for the pot, so we placed it in a bigger pot.

It is now leaning even more after five months of putting it in a larger pot! I was going to try and put it in an even bigger pot this Saturday with the help of my dad and brother. It weighs a ton and is very difficult to move and not hurt us or the cactus. Last time we broke the pot to get it out and after moving it the cactus did have white puss seep out for a little bit. It does appear to have new growth on the top of it.

I have pictures, but not sure how to poste them and maybe with your expertise you can help me. We love the cactus, but IÂ am sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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