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Repotting non-producing Meyer Lemon

11 years ago


I've had a dwarf Meyer lemon potted for... about 3 years now. The first season it absolutely exploded with fruit, but due to its size (about 2' tall at the time) I picked off all but about 7 lemons, which grew to a huge size. The second season it bloomed several times (each time after I fertilized) and started fruiting, but they would eventually fall off. This season... nothing. A few (literally 3-4) blooms and yesterday there were two small fruits, but that's it. And the leaves are yellowing.

So I picked up some organic potting soil and a larger pot, and was recommended Chelated citrus spray. I moved it to the bigger pot today and watered it in. I haven't sprayed it yet with the citrus spray, because I wasnt' sure if I should let it "settle in" to the new pot for a couple of weeks or more before spraying. Thoughts?

Here it is a couple years ago:


And here it is now in its new pot. The pot on the left is the one it came out of.


Thanks in advance!

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