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Pruning a reaching citrus tree to more of a bush-like tree

11 years ago

I have a multi-fruit citrus tree (Grapefruit, Lemon & Orange). It is a reaching tree now. (see pic). As you can see, the lemon section has been more successful (top middle) The Grapefruit (left) has been successful too The orange section (front middle) has started to come along since I did a clearing of the other fruit branches to give it more sun. I want to make it more evenly successful and make it more of a small round bushy tree but I don't know how to trim it without killing it. Should I be aggressive and cut the long limbs (of the lemon and grapefruit) back to within a few feet of the main trunk? or Should I take off a foot at a time, (waiting a time interval between trims) ? I was thinking the "suckers" that are reaching up would eventually bare fruit if I aggressively cut it back. Thoughts? Advice on when to cut would be appreciated also. I am in Northern CA (San Jose Area). Very little frost risk. (2 or 3 freezing days a year).

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