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Meyer Lemon - Report or Not & Mites

11 years ago

Sorry. The Subject should say repot or not, but I can't figure out how to change it.

My wife and I recently purchased a potted citrus cocktail plant consisting of a 2.5' meyer lemon plant and a 1' key lime plant. The lime plant had a bunch of limes growing on it.

When we brought it home (indoors), the lime plant kept dropping leaves and fruit. I thought this was a result of the change in environments, especially since we had some cool nights in NYC several weeks ago. The leaves on the lime plant then began cupping. So I started watering the plant a little more often but it eventually dropped every leaf and the branches dried out.

During the rather quick death of the lime plant, I purchased a soil moisture meter and noticed that the soil was very moist and appeared to be slow draining. So I listened to the meter and now average one watering every ten days. The meyer lemon plant has done ok. One branch started to flower last week, which I hand pollinated; and more flowers are starting to bud (on the same branch but nowhere else yet).

In digging out the dead key lime plant, I noticed that the soil on the root ball was soaked even after a week after I watered the pot. So my question is whether I should repot my meyer lemon plant in faster draining soil even though it seems to be doing okay. Any advice/opinion would be welcomed.

Also, I recently noticed tiny spider webs and after doing some internet research, think that the plant has some spider mites. I plan on spraying the leaves and stems with an isopropyl alcohol/water mix. If anybody has some other suggestions, please let me know.


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