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Lemon Blossom and missing parts? Why my tree will not fruit?

11 years ago

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well!

I know I posted about my lemon tree before. ( I included the link incase you wanted to see the tree as it looked last summer. But will take a new pic of the tree too if you want)

As a quick review, this tree was started from a seedling of a 80 year old lemon tree brought over from Italy that long ago. The lemons were huge and the size of grapefruits, and I am thinking it would be comparable to Ponderosa.

My tree was started about 15 or so years ago, I have had it for most of that time.

Anyway, it has blossomed for years, but never developed fruit. Never could figure out why.

I then started to check out the blossoms one day. I noticed that these blossoms seemed to lack the stigma part (female parts) that all my other citrus flowers have.

So, I am confused because the parent tree was self-fertile. Also, I thought most citrus were self-fertile and never heard of a species that were either male or female and not bi-sexual.

So what is the deal with my tree? Is there such thing as a male only citrus tree? Or is my tree genetically deformed?

Here are pics of a recent blossom.I of course opened pulled the petals away for a better view. Notice there is no female parts. All there is is just a little bump in the middle all that way at the bottom in the middle.

Thanks for your help! Christy



Here is a link that might be useful: post & picture of my tree as of last year

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