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Series of Night Blooming Cereus questions

15 years ago

I took these three cuttings at the very beginning of this past spring. The all have taken root and sent out shoots. They are potted in C&S mix +perlite +bark. In an effort to maximize the chances of at least one of them thriving, one is set to get morngin light until about 11 ish, another gets late afternoon -sundown light, and one gets dappled shade all day.

1. The new leaves can't hold themselves up. The plants I took the cuttings from had very rigid wavy shaped leaves, but these new ones, despite all my efforts to increase/decrease light water and humidity, can't remain upright.

2. There are no new shoots coming from the soil. Everything is growing from the original leaves I cut. Is this normal?

3. On the one getting afternoon sun, new nubs have appeared on the leaf I cut. They don't look like the standard "hat" the other new leaves had looked like. Could they be buds this soon? And this late in the season?

The pictures, although blurry, are in the order morning sun, evening sun, dappled shade all day.



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