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Young 'Oro Blanco' Grapefruit Tree

17 years ago

I have this poor,pathetic grapefruit tree that is just over 1 year old. (An 'Oro Blanco'with a Cerrizo rootstock). When we got it, it looked great and had nice fruit on it. Not only did we not get any fruit or flowers this year, but the tree doesn't seem to have grown a millimeter, and all of the leaves, stems, and twigs have turned droopy and yellow. There are a few crispy white short sticks growing from some of the smaller twigs that break off easily. I assume these to have been new growth that died; at least that's what it looks like to me. No bugs or any sign of them, either. My Dad has been dealing with the tree until just lately, when he asked for my help,since I have worked at a nursery for 4 months and am studying botany.I am not sure in how much time the tree's decline took place. Help! I have fertilized with citrus food 2 wks. ago and SuperThrived it yesterday as I watered, and still no better. My Dad had been giving it 10-15gal water every other day because of how it looks right now because he thinks it needs more water, but I think not. Even during the cooler months,he gives it10gal/wk., at least!Please-does anyone know how much water we should give it, or whether I should give it some iron chelate as well, or high-acid fertilizer instead of the citrus stuff? I am not 2 familiar w/ citrus yet so I admit I am kinda clueless here! Thanks for your help!!

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