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Citrus that does well despite lower light levels!

10 years ago

I have finally figured out which ones are tolerant of lower lights levels versed the ones that need high light!

My 'Orange Trees' always come out very bushy at the end of winter and always stay that way despite a lack of full sun.

Next is the 'Calamondin'..This one two keeps all it's leaves but may flower less until given full sunlight for more than 5 hours.

Then there is the 'Ponderosa Lemon' that does quite well in shaded areas with a full canopy of leaves despite that.

All three do fruit as well, but more so if given more light.

The WORST for lower light levels, that same that above receives would be...'Lemon Meyer'..Boy can it be hard to keep a full canopy of leaves unless it gets full sun or bright light hours a day!

I also find that 'Moro Blood' need a lot of sunlight to look great.

Do you find that certain trees do better in lower light levels than others?


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