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New Cara Cara Orange Tree!! :)

10 years ago

Hey All!

My cara cara orange tree came today! I planted it in Al's gritty mix. mix is a ratio of 1:1:1 of granite grit (chicken grit), turface MVP, and fir bark (repti bark). I sifted out all the small particles, then mixed it all in together. Then I rinsed out the rootball of the tree and as carefully as I could planted it in the pot with the mix. I hope I did a good job potting it! I took some pictures, what do you all think?

question about fertilizing. I'm going to use dyna gro foliage pro, and on the bottle it says fertilize once a week, but I've heard people fertilizing as much as everytime they water! how often do you guys fertilize (for those who use dyna gro).

I took a picture of the root crown too, anyone think too much is exposed or is it just right? I just really want this tree to thrive!

I'd love anyone's opinion!

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