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Conifer forum member registry

I've been using these forums happily now for almost two years but I still find it strange to reply to people sometimes as 'Gardengal7941' or 'SpruceBama81d'. The names of people you click here give you a little bit of information but not much - and perhaps in this day and age of coveted privacy, there's good reason. That said, I'd like to start(and keep up) a thread that include bio's, so to speak with some information about some of the members here as well as names or real names you'd prefer to go by.

A suggested format is below, but feel free to share any information about yourself however you'd like.

Real life name, or nickname:

Approxiamate age:

Conifer experience: (years collecting/studying)

Conifer interests:

Home state:

Personal collection notes:

Any other notes:

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