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Baby Clems: Niobe, Venosa Violacea, Viola

14 years ago

Below are pics of my 3 clematis. Niobe was planted in the Fall of 2007, VV and Viola were planted this spring. They're all doing different things. Viola kept breaking and thanks to this site I was able to keep my cool (no nail-biting or tantrums occurred...although I did take a sip of wine...just in case...). I cut off the broken stems and am letting her do what she needs to do. I noticed in the pic that Niobe has a shadow over her from an arborvitae...may have to relocate her??

Niobe - purchased from Bluestone


Venosa Violacea - purchased from Chalkhill


Viola - purchased from Chalkhill


I just think it's the sweetest thing how VV is wrapping her lil self around the trellis (that I put in the pot facing backwards and don't have the heart to change it now). She has even more top growth then I was able to capture. By the way I have never actually seen a clematis up close and personal and fell for them through pics in catalogs and this forum...until this past Saturday at HD there was a Dr. Ruppel in I truly understand the just don't do them justice.

In looking at my clems, would anyone suggest I do anything to them, or FOR them at this point? Niobe faces the East and VV and Viola face South. I'd like to keep VV and Viola in containers to grow up the gazebo on my deck.

Thanks for any suggestions and opinions.


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