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Let's do a rain dance

15 years ago

I've been lurking for a while, sorry, but need to ask you all some advice and hope you'll respond. Here in Durham NC everything is dying, except for cactus, some sedum, rosemary, wild yarrow, ditch lilies, and English ivy. Even Lavender is dying due to no appreciable rain since July. Anything alive is so because of hose watering. I wanted to offer you all some bearded iris, but now wonder if they can flourish and bloom in this (now global warmed?) climate.

Well, my good friend down the street, 81 years old, is also very depressed, and I want to create a CD of rain songs for her and for me as well, and maybe you too? Here's what I have so far. Please suggest any others you can think of. You may think I'm crazy, but I'm a classical scholar, and the last few times it was about to rain I called Zeus names which I can't repeat here, and we got rain. But now it's probably not even in sight. Well OK, I may be a bit crazy while I see all my plants die. However, I think a little rain music couldn't hurt. Here's waht I've come up with. Please add to them!

Van Morrison And it stoned me (the water song)

Eric Clapton Let it Rain

The Who Rain on me

? April Showers (my Mom used to sing it)

James McMurtry I was born by a river (?) or Someday it's gonna rain (?)



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