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Is it possible to grow a "non-lemon" tree from a lemon seed?

9 years ago

Just for fun, several months ago, after I made some lemonade, I decide to plant some of the lemon seeds I had left over (in pots). I didn't note what type of lemons they were or if there were more then one variety. However, they sprouted a couple of weeks ago. The strange thing I noticed, as they grew, is that I've gotten two distinct looking seedlings. One that looks like an average tree, while the other two look like they have more "pointy" plant parts. Can anyone here help me identify which one is the lemon tree, or maybe they both are? I'll post pics of my three "Lemon" seedlings. Hopefully you can help. (The first pic, attached to this post, is the "normal tree" looking seedling.)

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