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I'm hooked on Sedum! Planting question

11 years ago

I've been bit by the sedum bug... I can't get enough of them. I purchased my first sedum this past spring (angelina) now I have about 50 cuttings that I have been planting (Just to name a few: Voodoo, dragons blood, fulda glow, tricolor, golden teardrop, coral carpet, etc). I know these need full sunlight, but do they need full sunlight when they go dormant in the winter? Where I would like to put these its shadowed by a peak on my house. My house faces north, the sun is behind my house in the winter. So the peaks on my house overshadow the entire bed in the front of my house. They aren't in a dark closed spot, so I think they will get a lot of indirect light. Just no direct sunlight. During spring, summer, fall this spot gets 8+ hours of direct sun. Will they be ok?

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