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13 years ago

Well the last of my unknow clem's bloomed today. I wasn't sure who he was, I had this one and a Ernest Markham and Liberation that I wasn't sure who was who. Will my mom had picked up several about two years ago and she had the boxes they came in, but forgot which one she gave me and so did I. One of the three rotted in it's pot and left the other two and Liberation bloomed last week and now this one bloomed today and it must be Warsaw Nike. Poor Ernest didn't make it. Oh will maybe I'll get him and do better by him next time. Clematis A-Z has Warsaw Nike labled as a 3 and several other places show him as a group 2. So now i'm confused. If any of you have Warsaw Nike how do ya'll treat him, as a 2 or 3?. Thanks Sandy

Here's a picture from today showing the first bloom ever. He does have 6 more buds that haven't opened up yet. {{gwi:589748}}

He is a beauty Boy!

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