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Costal fall plant swap

17 years ago

Fall Plant Swap Schedule

Mission Statement: The first priority of this plant swap is to have fun and enjoy the fellowship of other gardeners. Secondly, is to share some of your overstock plants and to collect some new plants in return.

Date:__November 4, 2006 Time:__11-3pm_________

Place:__Mary Kahrs Warnell Forest Education Center, 5960 Hwy 17 South, Guyton, GA

1. The first 35 minutes will be for checking in, collecting tickets, and setting up your trade table. A check in area will be set up where you will receive a name tag and a ticket for each plant, seed package, or other items you bring for trade. You will select your spot for set up. Put your items not for general trade under the table and put up a reserved sign. A table will also be set up for you to leave your potluck item.

2. We will start the day with our speaker Gail Lutoswski. Ms. Lutoswski will be speaking on the native plants in our area.

3. We will then have 5 minutes to view all of the trade tables so that you can have an idea of what plants you want to trade for.

4. After the review we will begin the trades. A whistle will be blown and you will go to a table that has a plant that you want. You will select one plant and leave your ticket in the cup then return to your chair. After one minute the whistle will be blown to indicate that the trade is over. The first three rounds will be one plant each. The next three rounds will be two plants each. The next three rounds will be three plants each.

5. After nine minutes you will have a chance to check over your new items and what is left of your original items. If you wish not to participate in the next round you will cover your table with a sheet or blanket.

6. The next round will be a mad dash. You will have three minutes to trade for as many plants that you wish.

7. We will then take an hour for lunch and visiting. Door prizes will be given away at this time. LetÂs find out what grows best in your gardens.

8. After lunch any special trades or pre-arranged trades will take place. 10 minutes. Anyone not taking part in this section is asked to help with the lunch clean-up.

9. If you have any plants that you just donÂt want to cart back home you can place them on the Free for the Taking table. Anyone can select however many of these plants they want with or without tickets.

  1. Any extra time we have will be spent visiting and admiring the center.
  2. Clean up and departing words.

* Please contact Sandra at or 912-772-8384 with RSVP or any questions.

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