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11 years ago

I have 5 clematis plants. I was wondering about Pruning.

Clematis Henryi Group B2 treat as Group B1
Clematis Arabella = Pruning: 3
Guernsey Cream=Pruning Group 2
Vancouver Morning Mist Group B2 treat as Group B1
DR. Ruppel = Group 2 prune immediately after flowering

My Q: I understand to follow the pruning instructions but how to prune is another question. How far down can you prune? Two of my clematis (Henryi and Vancouver Morning Mist) are over 5' tall and think they need major pruning when I can b/c they are so tangled, I can't untangle them. One of their bamboo tee-pees fell yesterday with the wind and I bought 2 new trellises for these two plants. I know I can't prune them now b/c they both haven't flowered yet. The Morning Mist is in flower now.


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