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How do I tell when my Cuttings are Calloused?

14 years ago

Hey guys how are you doing??? ive been growing this Epi for about three years now and all it does is make more ribbons i fertilize it and i even put it in my basement in the winter where it isn't heated but not freezing and it even got sun while down there but no blooms. the only thing i have not tried is repotting.

i think it may be root probs, the ribbons even keep putting out roots which i read could be an indicator of root probs. so i took cuttings yesterday about 8 of them to guarantee success when i pot them up each are 6 inches long. but i dont know what calloused cuttings look like so can you help me?? maybe show a pic of a calloused growth. i dont wanna plant them and have them rot because i didnt wait long enough

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