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My new Meyer Lemon tree

18 years ago


I recently discovered this discussion board and found it to be so full of knowledge!

Well Ive been reading alot about citrus trees and eventually bought a Meyer Lemon at Walmart this week. The problem with buying it at walmart is that no one knows anything about it, so I am here for some advice.

1) Anyone able to tell me how old this tree is? I just potted it in a 10" container, the trunk is 1/2" diameter and it has some little buds that look like they could be fruit.

2) the tree is lopsided, there are 3 branches off towards the left and 1 going right. Theres a lot of stumps on it so its been pruned in the past. Should I prune it to balance it or wait until after summer? I dont want to take off those branches with the growing fruits, so maybe after the season? Or maybe I could just turn it towards the sun and the right side might grow out and see how it goes.

3) I cannot find the diagonal graft line that everyone is talking about, there are no bumps, change in texture or diagonal lines. I have posted a pic of a horizontal line and 2 branches are growing there. Is this a graft line? The branches that are growing there are the same as the others on the tree and has a little bud. Should I cut these branches?



Thanks in advance!


(ps oops this is my first post to the forum, so I accidently posted to fruit and orchards. I did wonder where my post went to!)

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