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Bottle Tree

17 years ago

Anybody got a Bottle Tree?

Not a "Brachychiton rupestris" type bottle tree, but a tree with bottles on the branches.

I remember seeing them in front of some of the old houses in the flatlands when we'd make our trips to the beach when I was a kid.

It seemed it was always an old cedar that had the limbs trimmed back and bottles had been stuck on the limbs. They were quite colorful. Lots of times the same people who had bottle trees were the ones who had flowers growing in tractor ties that had been skillfully carved. They also, at times, had the trunks of tree painted white up to about head high.

As soon as I can find an appropriate tree I think I'll start a bottle tree in my garden. They say the bottles which are turned neck down catch bad spirits and they can't escape as long as the opening stays down. That's a good thing, I need all the help I can get.


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