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Is it worth it to re-pot a new Meyer lemon

11 years ago


I was recently gifted a several year old Meyer lemon from Amazon. The tree arrived healthy and was potted according to the instructions it was shipped with : rocks lining the bottom of the bottom of the pot and a generic potting mix (and one bag of a citrus / avocado dirt I found at home depot).

It was potted March 23 and has since been sitting in a sunny room. It has been producing thorns, and pretty much only thorns, with a devoted passion. It was me researching whether lemons were supposed to have thorns that led me to this forum. And from browsing a bit here I found the lovely post on gritty.

So my question is should I bother to try remove my plant from its current dirt habitat? I wouldn't mind if it ended up dropping its leaves from transplant shock, but I'm afraid I might kill the poor thing moving it around so much. I am very much a novice at this. I plan on introducing it to a screen in porch when the weather warms up a bit. The tree is 36" from dirt to the top of its leaves, and it lives in a 20" plastic pot.

And one more point I would like to confirm: is granite grit used as chicken feed? And would that be the correct sizing to purchase? I imagine I can find pine bark around here, and the turface is on Amazon if I can't find it local, but the granite grit is a potential issue.

Thanks so much for the help~

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