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My First Time Transplanting into 1:1:1 Gritty Mix

I did it!

I am totally drenched and cold, (it is raining here in Seattle and it took me a few hours to transplant both trees outside) but I am done. I finally transplanted my Meyer Lemon trees into the 1:1:1 Gritty Mix! They look fabulous!

The soil:



A few pointers that I kept in mind that several of you more experienced growers suggested to me prior to my first transplant:

- Cover the holes in the bottom of my pot with Drywall Tape to keep my gritty mix from falling out the bottom of the pot.

- Rinse off all the old soil from the root ball. Blast it off with the hose if you have to!

- Mound the gritty mix into a mountain in the middle of my pot and let the roots fall down around the sides of the mountain.

- Keep the roots damp during the transplant process!

- Using a skewer (BBQ skewer, chopstick, pencil anything!) poke around the root ball to encourage soil to fill the spaces between the roots as you plant it to ensure that there are NO AIR POCKETS! I even took the sprayer on my hose and stuck it down into the soil with the root ball and blasted the soil hoping it would force the soil into every nook and cranny!

- Keep the tree out of direct light and extreme heat for a few days while it recovers from the transplant.

So how did it go? Well the first little "sapling" tree I have went really well. The soil it was planted in was very bark-y and fell right off the roots, it was great! Now I have an idea of what it will be like to transplant again in Gritty Mix, it will be a breeze! He went right into his new pot without issue.







Then I started in on my larger Meyer... Unfortunately I did not expect my larger tree to be so massively root bound. :( So we will see if it can handle the mauling I gave it.... I pruned away some of the roots. (I have no training what-so-ever in root trimming...) The soil packed into the root ball was totally bone dry when I unearthed it.... It was definitely time to transplant!

I had a heck of a time getting all the soil off the roots because they were so matted. The tree was so root bound that after blasting away with the hose for about 20 minutes, there were still completely bone dry spots within the root ball!! It took me quite a while to get it all out.


I trimmed the roots.... I hope I did not kill it!


This is what my tree looks like now. I will post another photo in a week or so of its progress (Or decline. Whichever it may be�..) Hopefully it will forgive me for the mauling I gave it!



I also trimmed the branches back a bit to compensate for the loss of roots. I did not have the heart to cut it back any more than that, all the flower buds are on the tips of the branches! Do I need to prune it even more?

My vanity got the best of me and I decided to go with the pretty clay pot. Kind of wish I had not now. It is really really heavy! :( Next chance I get, into a plastic pot it will go! Sorry tree, no pretty pot for you.

On the next watering I will begin my Foliage Pro fertilizer and white vinegar regimen and my tree will be on its way to health and happiness!

Thanks again to everyone on the forum for all your help in getting me up to speed on Al's 1:1:1 Gritty Mix, and answering all my questions throughout the process!! I am looking forward to many more years of successful citrus growing thanks to ALL OF YOU!

~Jessica's (Now) Growin' Citrus

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