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Very messy/ woody Easter cactus :( HELP!

17 years ago

Hi there,

I dont know if anyone can help me...please?!

My Aunt gave me two easter cacti...well, she said they were Christmas cacti, but owning one of those myself, I am pretty sure that what she had are Easter cacti!!

Well, when I saw them I nearly fell over!! The biggest one doesn't look at all good, but it has one flower on it!

The thing that is really confusing me is the fact that a lot of this cacti, has turned into almost has like a trunk, nothing like I have seen before.

Is this normal? A lot of the flat green stems, are turning a yellow colour, and some already have turned into rough feeling wood (no different to how the wood on a tree trunk looks)

I was just wondering if this should happen, should she of cut it back before it got this bad??? Basically, what an earth do I do with them?!!

I cannot seem to post photo's on forums, have had sooo many goe's & cant do it. If anyone wants to see a photo I can email them to you privately. I had to do this before & someone kind posted the photo's for me!So I apologise for being dumb LOL. Me & Computers do not mix!

I'd just appreciate any opinions/ advice on these poor cacti's.

Thank you so much in advance :)


Mandy (UK)

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