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Lemon Meyer Tree Leaves look burned?

13 years ago

Hi everyone,

Very happy that I found this forum and I hope someone can help me and if you do I would be so appreciative!

I bought a lemon tree about a week ago and potted it into a pot which was about the same size it came in.

The reason I re-potted was because it was in a black pot so I placed in a white pot.

I used Miracle Grow's Citrus, Palm and Cactus soil to pot it because a lot of the soil was left behind in the black pot when I lifted it out.

I then sprinkled a little bit of citrus fertilizer at the edges of the pot and watered it in really well.

It's been doing well outside but recently it has been really windy outside and I been keeping it inside the house for the last two days because I didn't want the wind to tear off it's leaves.

Well today I noticed that there are spots on the leaves which look like little burn marks.

I have been keeping the plant at my dining room table, under our chandelier which has CFL lights in it so it's not hot.

Does anyone know what this is? Could it be burn marks?

Here are some pictures

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