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My I please make a suggestion?

14 years ago

I just received Versa Orange, Temple Goddess, Painted Lady and Tequila Sunrise from a fellow Brug enthusiast... but the return address on the box apparently got wet and left a black unreadable smudge... All that I can make out is Tabor City, NC... and the postmark is from Long, NC.

I would like to be able to reimburse the postage, but have no idea who to send it to. So, therefore, I would like to suggest that traders please put a card with your name, address and Garden Web name (eg: Pineview Planter)... inside the package so that we know for sure who it came from??

Now if whomever send me that most generous box of brugs will dmail me with the needed information to send postage, I will do that immediately.

Thanks bunches,


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