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Advice? Starting a semi-private community garden.

14 years ago

Hello. I am interested in offering my large garden space to share with local neighbors (in apartments/trailers) who haven't gardening space. I'm looking for tips or advice on how to do this. I have read several sights about community gardening, but I haven't found any suggestions that address the way I would like to do this. Hence, I look to you for suggestions.

The basic facts:

I have several acres on which we've previously had a nursery which has contributed to its current lovely landscaping.

I have a large garden space, with watering system, greenhouse, tool shed, potting area and an area to grow plants in containers.

I have a neighboring trailer park, most residents of whom I am NOT fond of (due to past vandalism and theft by some of those residents and drug use by some residents), but I have compassion for the children and would like to offer them, through their family, an opportunity to experience growing things, appreciating nature, and eating (and having) good food.

Ideally, I would like to have a garden planted with a variety of foods that could be shared by all who participate. I don't, however, know how to practically do that. *Suggestions, please.*

Our garden has always been grown and maintained by my family and we've always had more than enough food to can, freeze, share, feed the chickens and still much has gone to waste. We also have berries and fruit trees with much abundance.

Besides the obvious of sharing food, it is my hope to build "community" in this process.

Specific advice requested:

I am not concerned with figuring out fees and tool usage, etc.

I AM interested in suggestions how to organize "sharing".

What occurs to me is to have a planting/gardening schedule, sign-ups, and then a harvest agreement--that's where I need help.

I suppose one option would be to have individuals plant and maintain one crop, have their own first harvest and then open their crop for harvest share . . .I can see problems, not solutions.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much for thoughts.

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