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New York's State Most Unique Community Garden

Hi there from the city of Poughkeepsie located on the majestic Hudson River. Just wanted to say what a great site this is to have for people involved in community gardens. I've gotten alot of great information from this site. I hope to apply some of that information in the commmunity garden I run here in Poughkeepsie. I actually started the "Poughkeepsie Community Garden" in March of 1999 in an effort to beautify my neighborhood and make good use of a vacant and rubbish filled lot(well I'm not sure that the lot can be called vacant since it does have this historic towering steel bridge over it). At the end of the 1999 gowing season we had a total of 16 plots. Now, today at the end of the 2000 growing season we have 26 individual plots. We have sold out all the plots each year. Our membership is one of wonderful diversity. We have medical doctors, housewifes, house painters, retirees, store cashiers and even young people. Heck, I'm one them! It has been a great success and we look forward to next years growing season. Yes, about where we are located. We are located under the 1888 Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge. To tell you the truth I think the bridge has more to do with us selling out every year than just the gardening experience. :( Sad but true. We are now working on a website for our garden but if you would like to see the bridge and get an idea of how unique this community garden must be you can visit the not-for-profit group that currently owns the bridge and is working to turn it into a walkway for the public. Go to I shall post another message when our website is finshed which should be in March of 2001. By the way anybody out there know anyone or any company willing to build a website for us? Thanks

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