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Accidental Farmer - ty, squirrels (I think)

14 years ago

In the spirit of keeping my backyard well stocked w/squirrels for my beagle to ride herd on, I installed one of those corncob 'ferris wheels' on the side fence for the furry rodents' pleasure. (Also had hoped to distract them from the sunflower seed bird feeders - well, that didn't work.)

It's just outside my dining room window and it is fun to watch the tree rats as they sit on the fence top and dine - they are cute! But, they're messy eaters and dropped corn kernels which pup was ingesting - not good for pup. So, I installed a empty windowbox type planter on supports just below the wheel, anchoring it w/a couple of hanging plants that needed an outdoor vacation for the summer and that collects 90% of the mess - phew, under control. But occasionally a kernel gets away and germinates right in the plant below! First time I plucked a 'weed' out of the plant, I was amazed to find it connected to a stray corn kernel - ok, now I get it, but am still amazed! I'm accidentally growing corn in a 10" hanging pot!

To further encourage bad squirrel behavior, I occasionally line up peanuts in the shell (from the grocery produce dept) along the fence top - again, the critters are cute to watch. Well, today I noticed a very large 'weed' in the plant below and when I pulled it out, I discovered it was a peanut plant w/the in the shell peanut as its root! This time, I'm pretty sure it was planted, it was too deep to have just fallen in! So now, I'm a peanut farmer too!

Amazing what Mother Nature can do on a tiny, city lot with just a pot or two of dirt and some industrious sqirrels!

I am so easily amused!

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