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Grow light recommendations for succulents.

12 years ago

My housing situation is changing and I'm going from a place with a very well lit interior to a place with a potentially not-so-well-lit interior and it looks like I might need some supplemental lighting.

I'm mostly looking for something that stays fairly cool, so that I could leave it on (Potentially even if I'm not around?) for a long enough period of time to benefit my plants without having to worry about torching my apartment complex, and something that uses a fairly small amount of electricity just to keep operating costs down.

It SOUNDS like an LED grow light would be my best bet, although they're pretty costly. This site talks about them. Bulbs aren't too bad from what I can tell but the ballasts seem to be super-costly. I'm also not really that sure what wattage I'd even need. I guess it might vary per plant.

I have to admit the LEDs have really piqued my interest, so I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with them.

Anyway, just looking for some guidance in terms of supplemental lighting for my C&S.

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