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Succulents Dying, How Can I Save Them?

10 years ago

Father's Day (Sunday, June 16 2013)
First Picture taken: {{gwi:596099}}

Showing Growth, about a week later: {{gwi:596105}}

Dying, a month later (Thursday, July 18 2013): {{gwi:596108}}

Succulent Garden, kept on kitchen table in moderate to full light. Lightly sprayed as needed, watered deeply once a month. In medium planter, layer of rocks on bottom with Cactus soil and decorative rocks on top. Temperatures in the 70-80 range.
1 Fenestraria (Baby Toes)
1 Pleiospilos nelii (Split Rock)
1 Lithops (Living Stone, Rock Face)
1 Echeveria runyonii (Topsy Turvy)
4 Sedum Robotinctum (Pork & Beans)

Had an infestation of gnats, used insecticidal soap once daily for 3 days, then every two days for one week to kill gnats. Gnats ate the baby toes to death, I think. Overwatering also happened, with some split leaves and way too much growth. Baby toes eventually just all died. The split rock is liquifying after growing a new set of leaves. The rock face is looking very droopy and sickly. The topsy turvy is looking a little stressed with some dead leaves on the bottom, and it looks like it is shrinking a bit. Most of the pork & beans are dead or have shed most of the leaves. This all came on rather suddenly following a burst of growth in all of the plants, and right when I thought they were doing very well! Within the span of 1 week, they have gone from thriving to dead and dying. What am I doing wrong here, and is there any way to save the plants that remain?

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