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Al's Gritty Mix?

12 years ago

Newbie Here! Okay I am bummed! I just transplanted my lemon tree. Desperately needed it, it was not looking so healthy. Sadly not in Al's gritty mix. What is it? Where do you buy it or is it a home concoction? And just read somewhere about someone using a vinegar regiman? What is that for (adding acidity obviously) but how do you do it.

I did take my tree right to the root ball and rinsed them wasnt too overgrown so didnt do any trimming. It has lemons on it but just looks so sad an droopy...

If someone has Al's Gritty Mix recipe I would love to have it as I am quite sure I will not be able to purchase it in Canada! I do still have an orange tree I just bought that will need transplanting this spring.

This is the best hobby in the world!


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