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Help with Citrus trees, large but no fruit ever

15 years ago


About four years ago I purchased a lemon tree Eureka I believe), 2 orange (not sure of the type) trees, and a ruby red grapefruit tree. They were about 2 feet tall with no fruit when I purchased them. I planted them outside, being that im in a warm climate good for citrus. My neighbors all have citrus trees. They have survived well, however, after 4 years I have yet to ever have any fruit produced?


The lemon tree is almost 8 feet tall and the branches span 5 - 6 feet wide now. It does bloom a lot, but never produces fruit, or the bloom will sometimes produce a very tiny green thing that looks like a tiny lemon, but it never gets larger.

Grapefruit Tree-

The grapefruit tree is has not grown quite as large, only about 4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. It has never bloomed to my knowledge.

Orange Trees -

The orange trees are smaller like the grapefruit tree as well. One has never bloomed. The other has bloomed, but no fruit ever.

I fertilize with Virgo citrus fertilizer according to the directions. I just don't understand what's going on with them, any ideas?

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