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Ordered my first clematis - how did I do?

13 years ago

I ordered from Brushwood as they had very good reviews. I didn't know about Silver Star Vinery but I'm glad I didn't because I would have stayed up all night trying to choose from them - much bigger selection than Brushwood.

I ordered two H F YOUNG and one BLUE ANGEL.

I was only going to order 1 of each, but they had a special with $5 off 3 plants and only $10 shipping on all orders which I thought was fabulous.

Silver Star Vinery describes H F Young as a pale blue and Brushwood describes it as a true blue and the pics I googles showed it as a true blue, not pale. What should I expect? Does it fade in the sun?

So, did I choose well? I'll probably order shades of pink next time if I can find some that don't need full sun.


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