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Jade trunk separation/ withering cuttings

12 years ago

Reposting this because it might not be getting read in the (unrelated) thread I originally asked these questions in...

My new Hummel's Sunset has two trunks.(I've included a link with a picture of it). I would like to separate these. They connect right at the soil line.

1) I'm concerned about cutting them in half and letting the 'wounds' callous over, because it's already been bare-root for a week and I'd like to plant it ASAP.

2) I'm concerned about cutting them in half in fear both plants will not heal properly (and then rot), since this won't be a relatively clean operation like pruning.

3) I've considered leaving all the roots with the dominate trunk, cutting the other half off above the soil line (so I could plant the rooted one immediately), and just trying to root the whacked off trunk in some grit. I'm afraid of this because I fear it won't root (I've had - and am having - bad luck with this... more on that). Obviously I'm more afraid both trunks will die if I separate them improperly. What's my best bet?

Norma - you earlier replied by giving me advice on rooting cuttings. Is it your belief then that separating the trunks would be unwise?


My other question relates to jade cuttings. I pruned my jade four days ago and all the cuttings I've selected for propagation are already going soft. The severed nodes on the ends are drying up quickly, but the rest of the stems (even the thicker woody ones) are wrinkling and going very soft themselves. It's working its way up from the bottom, like one would expect. The majority of each of the stems isn't wrinkly and soft "yet" but it seems to be progressing and they've all lost rigidity. Why aren't they preserving water? It's been four days! Here's the only thing I can imagine I did wrong: plucked way too many leaves. I had not read this would be a bad idea, but I notice many leave most of the leaves on. I wonder if this created too many wounds for water to escape. Anyone deal with this?? Mike, I thought I once read you had a similar problem. Couldn't find it, so maybe I'm making that up :)

So I don't waste more of anyone's time: they were cut with a sterile knife and kept out of the sun and heat. Humidity has been around 60%.

Also wondering you pull the dead node off the plant to reveal the callus before planting or if you just leave it there.

So many questions.

-- Very sorry to anyone who already read some of this in the other thread. I don't mean to be redundant, pushy, or raise my voice above the rest. But time is ticking on my currently uprooted Hummel's and withering jade cuttings. Thank you all so much.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hummel's to be separated

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