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New Snake in My Garden

Ralph Whisnant
16 years ago

For the past few weeks I have been moving wood chips, pine straw and leaves from different piles into my garden. I have 4 by 8 foot raised beds mulched with pine straw and paths filled with leaves covered with wood chips. Almost every day I will find, in the mulch that I am spreading, one or more small gray snakes with a very narrow head. They are definitely not worm snakes, which I do dig up from time to time. I used Google to search for Snakes of NC and found that what I am seeing are probably young Rough Earth Snakes. The adults are up to 9-inches long whereas mine are only 4 - 5 inches long and very narrow, but their cone shaped heads are the same as the snakes in the link below. I would guess that the tapered head aids in their burrowing. Has anyone else in the Raleigh area seen these? I had worm snakes in Greenville, SC, but had never heard of Rough Earth Snakes before. Since their diet includes slugs. they are definitely welcome inn my garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of Rough Earth Snake

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