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How well do Standard citrus trees (non-dwarf) do in pots?

16 years ago

Hi there,

The latest question in my newfound citrus obsession... LOL

I am going back to my original idea of putting my citrus on a back patio of my house that gets mid morning to mid-afternoon sunlight and a little more in Summer.

After watching the sunlight for the last couple days, it looks like they could get even MORE direct sun if they were a few feet taller.

I COULD jerry-rig a bunch of stacked pots to give the height I want.

But I am wondering if I could also just buy a few standard citrus trees to put in pots instead. I just saw a standard Satsuma (I think) from Four Winds.

Do standards do OK in pots? Do they deliver fruit?

I can't seem to find any specific posts here dealing with full size trees in pots. Every time I search under "pots" I see posts mostly about dwarfs. So if anyone knows about growing full size citrus, any help is very very much appreciated


OR.... I saw today a standard Satsuma from Four Winds (I didn't realize they sold non-dwarfs) and now I'm wondering if I should just plant a bunch of regular citrus in pots.

How well do regular/standard citrus do in pots?

Are they prolific?

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