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Good Citrus Selection at Costco

13 years ago

I went to Costco in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles (Roscoe & Canoga) today and found a nice selection of Willet & Newcomb citrus plants at $18.79 each. They had Bearss Limes, Grapefruits(did not note the type) Calamondin, Satsuma Mandarin, Washington Navel, Moro Blood Orange, Italian Lemon (St. Theresa), Improved Meyer Lemon, Lisbon Lemon, Valencia, etc. My selections were the Improved Meyer Lemon which was the only dwarf, Washington Navel, Moro Blood Orange, Italian Lemon. According to the description, the Italian Lemon is from a group of trees that originally came from Sorrento, Italy and the lemons are used to make limoncello.


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