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One final comment about this winter -- for Tucsonians

11 years ago

Thought you all here in Tuscon might find this graphic of interest. Yes, it was cold here. In fact, the second highest number of freezing days, I haven't counted my local numbers yet, but I am sure it is more than 23. These temps are from the airport and we have so many microclimates here, that the airport is not really representative of the actual weather conditions at any one place here.

And, this puts the NWS's reliability in question, since they made a long term prediction for a warmer than normal winter here........(See my other posts).

Anyway, it appears that we are now going to be in the mid-70s for a while, but I am still hesitant to begin fertilizing the trees until we get a more stable temperature pattern.

Hope everybody here made it through this winter okay!!!!


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