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has anyone ever tried growing a Clivia in coco peat?

13 years ago

I was curious.

I have been using a griity soil for all my plants. They are all doing wonderful.

I never got around to transplanting one of them out of a cocopeat only mix, I mean no perlite, or anything, in a see through container, and I tell you, that plant has the biggest fattest white roots I have ever seen. They look so healthy! It seems to me to, that I can let the soil dry out longer, and it seems to hold the perfect moister for the roots for a longer period of time.

It is VERY happy.

You could probably grow in just about anything that just holds moisture, and that drains well.

I wonder if this could be an alternative for those of you that live in hot dry climates, or anywhere for that matter?

Just a thought.

It has been growing in it for 2 years, and is so healthy. I just realized it the other day, examining the roots through the container and seeing how beautiful it is. I see them coming out the bottom of container too..

All my others are in a gritty mix, are doing fine too. But cocopeat seems to perform better than regular peat in this case. Just my observation, that's all.:-)

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