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How Much Better is Bigger?

13 years ago


I am pretty new to clematis and have a question. I have placed clematis orders this spring from Wayside and Silver Star. My Wayside order arrived today and, while the plants look healthy, they are very small. I haven't received my Silver Star order yet but it states on their website their plants are 1 gallon size so I am expecting much better from them. Now today, I went out cruising at a local nursery to see what new spring stuff has arrived and they had several clematis from Monrovia in nice 2 and 3 gallon pots (I think that was the size...they may have been bigger) all a couple of feet tall and leafed out with plenty of buds. Of course they were premium priced at 24.99 and 59.99! Now I am NOT willing to do 59.99 but I admit I was a little tempted by the ones for 24.99 since they were such a good size and there were a couple of varieties I was interested in. This may be a stupid question but can I expect a clematis of this size to just jump right in there and not miss a beat after I plant it in my garden? Would I miss the "sleep" and "creep" stage and just "leap"? I know there are many variables in how individual plants will grow (climate, location, soil etc) but in general, how does the initial size of a clematis and its root system relate to its performance in the garden? How long would it take for a clematis from say Wayside or Silver Star to catch up? I guess I am a little into instant gratification this year! I moved into a new house and left behind my beloved garden and am itching to get things it worth it? Thanks for any info!

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