Favorite late(ish) season mandarin

12 years ago

There are several discussions of the merits of various types of mandarins in the archives which were quite useful. I'm wondering if any one has any experience/recommendation for mid- to late-season varieties, particularly some of the newer types. Here's what I'm considering based on what I've been able learn though there is quite a bit of conflicting information out there:

I'm leaning towards either a Pixie or a Gold Nugget. The UCR description of GN indicates they are similar. Has anybody tried both? I gather that they have similar harvest period / hold though some have indicated that GN is later w/ longer hold. True?

The Shasta Gold sounds very interesting to me, but I haven't been able to locate one. My impression is the SG is a little earlier than the two above, but has a good hold so there a lot of overlap.

The W. Murcott is also available (Tango doesn't seem to be). How do these compare to the above?

Any others I should be considering?

My preferences:

Does well in desert climate (phoenix area)

Long season on tree.

Seedless (not a deal breaker)

Very rich, full flavor - I like intensely sweet but even better if it's got a little bite mixed in.

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