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Newly repotted, now yellow leaves on Improved Meyer Lemon

12 years ago

I've researched the postings about the yellowing of leaves and still can't figure out what may be wrong with my Meyer Lemon. It was purchased in November 2010 as a 2-3yo tree from Four Winds. It has done well despite my foibles. It was doing GREAT until I decided to repot it.

It was in the same mix for about 15 months. When I bought one for my mom, I decided to pot hers in Al's 5-1-1 mix. A couple of weeks later I repotted my own. At first it seemed to do well. But in the last 2 weeks it's dropped about 1/2 it leaves, which had turned yellow. It's putting out new ones but rapidly losing the ones it currently has.

Fertilizer and water: I've been feeding it every 2 months or so with a granular citrus. No issues there, it was doing great. It was due for feeding at the time of repotting but I decided to wait. After repotting, I started to use Foliage-Pro (a tiny amount) at each watering, after reading about it here. Still didn't add the granular.

Leaves were dropping at a very steady clip and they were YELLOW. I was PANICKING. I decided maybe I was watering too much (had to find a new pattern because of the new, looser mix) so I decided to wait on watering. At the same time I had added the granular fertilizer but didn't water it in.

On Friday I decided the tree needed the fertilizer, so I watered it and left it in the utility sink to drain overnight. Within a day, I had a pile of leaves that had fallen off.

Good part: the blossoms are still on it, no blossom drop has been noted and there are new leaves coming out on most of the branches.

So did I over-water? Under feed? Do a bad thing by repotting it? Is there ever a good time to repot? The roots were BEAUTIFUL: full and white. Did I mess with a good thing?? I have pictures on my blog of the leaves. Can you help?

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