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For Jessica and anyone else that is interested 1.1.1 gritty mix.

12 years ago

I thought I would post some pictures of the ingredients that I used for the 1.1.1 gritty mix for many who have asked me in private.

I hope these pictures speak volumns with any who are interested in trying, and anyone else that has experience with it, your comments would be so welcomed here.

What have you done to in cases where you could not find these exact ingredients?

What have you substituted certain ingredients with after learning the concept of my this mix is used?

If you couldn't find turface, do you use pumice?

If you couldn't find granite, do you use perlite?

Please tell us for those who really want to come as close as they can to the 1.1.1 mix I use.

What's your 911 if need be?

I think this is needed for many I know that are getting ready to search for these products and prepare for teh growing season, especially re-potting coming up very soon!

As I have been told many times over.

"I can't wait to get my plants out of the bagged mixes I have had to watch them struggle in all winter".

Turface: MVP. This batch must be sifted...


Crushed Granite: Grower size



Fine "Fir Bark" in which Repti-bark in comprable: I found just a few pieces to be a bit to larger than I wanted, so I hammered the bark with a sledge hammer like crazy in a plastic bag to break it down ever further.



Screen to sift: I sifted out the dust from the bark and granite. You could also rinse teh granite off.

I also sifted teh tiny bits of turface and dust out with an insect screen and at times my Bonsai sifter.


Gypsum: I added a tablespoon per gallon of mix when I used any fertilizer but Foliage Pro. Now I have to need, since my Foliage Pro fertilizer has the Calcium already in it. So far so good.


Screen for holes on the bottoem of pots: I use needelpoint screen from Michael's to stop the mix from draining through the holes on the bottom.


Finished product: Last summer. I planted Chalamondin tree.



Same tree today in my room.


I am sure many others will add to this thread with their great ideas and wonderful thoughts.

If there is any other idea's or corrections needed, than I am sure that many whom have been growing in this mix can will share:-)

Al:::Thank you for taking the time to teach many this wonderful gidt, creation,valuable knowledge, and support shown me and many others for this wonderful mix.

I hope by now, I have it ok, since my plants are showing me I might.

With his knowledge, and the help of many others at the container forums, I would of never known!

Now my citrus can live in peace and in vibrant health yet, another year.


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