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Various Red Schlumbergera (holiday cactus)

9 years ago

This spring I got cuttings on eBay of holiday cactus. I'd had unnamed ones years ago but lost them (orange, yellow, red).

Now they've rooted and I sure don't need this many holiday cactus. I'm trying to combine them. It appears that several of these are red. Should I pot them together? Not even keep some of them? (I also have unnamed "red" but it doesn't look so good. I put it with unnamed yellow.)

Vila Velha (guess this is pink)

I've also ended up with 2 Samba Brazil. Would you combine them? Everything is smallish. I'm hanging as many as I can to get them out of the way.

Thanks for any help. I didn't know they had names until I went to eBay :) An Easter cactus followed me home from Walmart too but it might die.

Thanks for any ideas on these.


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