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Fuchsia Gartenmeister Care Question

12 years ago

I posted this on the Fuchsia forum and it has been up there with no response for a while so I thought I would try here.

I planted a Gartenmeister in late May. The plant had a couple of dead leaves at the bottom - once I planted some more leaves started dying at the bottom. I thought that plant was possibly dying but then that stopped and the plant looked lush and green all summer with lots of flowers.

In late Sep I was away on vacation in Europe. When I returned the plant had a slightly "roasted" look and a lot of the flowers had fallen off. People here said that there had been a few days with the temps around 110 deg while I was away.

Anyway the plant looked like that ever since. Does not seem to have any new growth and still has flowers although I think where the flowers fell off there are some limp looking stems where the flowers were formed.

Do these plants stop growing in winter. I'm in San Diego where we don't have much of a winter. Does it need fertilizer, pruning, more water? I have not fertilized it since planting. It is planted a bed made of planting mix and I did add some EB Stone Organics Sure Start at the time of planting.

Any tips would be welcome. Photo of the plant below.


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