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Cool Growers x Warm Growers?

7 years ago

Can crossing a cool grower with a warm grower produce a hybrid that has a wider range of growing temperatures? I think so...but my sample size is really small...Aloe Hercules.

Can anybody think of any other actual or possible cool x warm growing crosses?

There doesn't seem to be a word for plants that grow in a wide range of temperatures so I took the liberty of creating one..."hercutherm" or "hercuthermal".

I also took the liberty of creating a group on reddit for people to submit and vote on hybrids that either haven't been made yet or are in short supply...


How much interest will there be in hercuthermal hybrids?

For lots of backstory, diagrams and's my latest blog entry... Hercules, Hercutherm, Hybridize This and Hercules.

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