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Curing my black thumb

12 years ago

Hello everyone,

I have an amazing ability to kill even the most resilient of plants. So far I'm an ivy, two aloe vera (well technically one but the second one is dying a slow death), lavender, and an angel vine down. The sunflowers weren't my fault, the cats snuck into my room and ate them. Anyway, I started a couple of jade cuttings two years ago and despite several apartments (two of which were garden apartments with little light) it still seemed to be doing great. I've noticed lately, though, that it hasn't put up any new leaves and all the existing leaves have a tiny maroon border. It's a pretty color on the leaves but I don't think it's healthy. I brought it to work with me as my new apartment doesn't get direct light at all and the best I can give it here is an East facing window. It gets bright light until around noon and indirect light after that. Am I destined to kill this one off too? I'm not sure what to do as there are no other locations in the building that will get any more light. Is this normal for jade? Does it need more light? I was really hoping to keep this one alive : (



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