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Improved Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree: Post-Scale Dying?

14 years ago

Hi all--

So our Meyer Lemon tree has suffered since we brought it inside this winter (we live in New York City). It contracted scale and we were able to successfully treat it--haven't seen the pest on the plant or gnats in several weeks. But now the plant has dropped pretty much all of its leaves. The leaves start to yellow and then drop. Initially the older leaves dropped, but now even the new leaves are going. Worse than that, a couple of branches have gotten brittle and black (and a bit mottled looking). I'm sure the plant isn't getting enough sun, and we're going to start using our grow lamp tomorrow. We water every 7 to 10 days, and only when the plant is dry. We fertilize with a 30-10-10 plant food (Jack's Orchid Food, recommended by another site). It's away from our heaters and near a window. I desperately don't want this plant to die! What else can we do? Should we buy a humidifier?

On a related note, our three year old ficus bonsai trees also got infested with scale. They're pest free but almost certainly dead. It's obviously been a LONG winter at our house. Sigh.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and followed to the letter! Thanks.

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